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Björkvattnet, Sweden (2020)

Providing a camp in Ramsele for GE Renewable Energy and their subcontractors. Full Service including a restaurant with slightly different routines in order to comply with Covid-19 guidelines. Apart from the camp an additional Covid-19 quarantine facility was established.


Egersund, Norway (2020)

A little camp by the harbour in Egersund was set up for Mammoet. Additional modules were added for a living/tv room and as well as for kitchen and canteen. The good people from Mammoet made their own food.


Markbygden, Sweden (2019)

Outside Piteå, by using both a barge and a camp onshore, it was possible to provide GE Renewable Energy and their subcontractors with suficient accommodation. Full service camp for close to 300 people.


Peralta, Uruguay (2014)

For Enercon's subsidiary Wobben Wind Power a camp was established in Peralta, Uruguay. A full service camp with a chef who served a lot off fine Uruguayan beef.


Markbygden, Sweden (2019)

In connection with the first stage of the huge Markbygden project a camp was set up in Kolar, west of Piteå, for Enercon and their subcontractors.


Sjisjka, Sweden (2012)

In the Arctic Circle – pretty much in the middle of nowhere – a small full service camp was established for Vestas and their subcontractors.


Jädraås, Sweden (2012)

In connection with the first stage of the huge For Vestas and their subcontractors a camp was set up in Jädraås, just beside Jädraås Allmänna IK using their existing facilities – after various improvements – for kitchen, storage and restaurant, and even a new gym was build.