Site Accommodation Service Scandinavia AB

Our Services

Site Accommodation Service Scandinavia specializes in providing accommodation for smaller projects:   5-20 people for up to six months. 

For projects of this type the best accommodation solution is often to find existing apartments, houses or cottages that live up to the required standard.

Your guarantee for a good accommodation service – the six stages in our quality process:

  1. Finding the accommodations as close to site as possible.
  2. Ensuring the standard of the accommodation: furniture, kitchen, equipment, beds/mattresses etc.
  3. Testing and adding internet equipment to ensure a good connection.
  4. Inspecting all accommodation and equipment before our guests move in.
  5. Delivering all required services during the project period: cleaning, change of bed linen and towels, washing of clothes etc.
  6. One point of contact: if anything needs to be coordinated, repaired, changed or added, just call Hans-Henrik Wegner: +453114 1771.

Why do we say that we provide The Best Accommodation Service in Scandinavia? 

Because everyday we do our utmost to make sure that the accommodation service provided exceeds your expectations. 

We simply try harder!



Finding apartments, houses, or cottages or establishing module based camps.



When living in apartments, houses etc, our guest usually prefer to make their own food. In a camp on the other hand food is included. 


Cleaning, Laundry

Cleaning, change of bed linen and towels  as well as washing of clothes is part of our service concept.